Having anal sex in Thailand is so freaking easy

A lot of my friends asked me if is possible to have anal sex with Thai bargirls. The answer is definitely a YES. All you have to do is be a nice guy and don’t act like a douchebag. I always pretend that I am curious with anal sex and ask the girls if they are too while buying them ladies drink in their bar. They would normally say is painful even though they never try it before. Then I would say how do you know is painful if you never tried it before? I would tell them that we see it a lot in porn videos that girls are actually loving it. So something must be right about having sex in the butt. So most of the time being nice, girls would normally obliged me. Moon is one of my favorite girl to have good old Thai anal sex with. After trying it out, she prefers my cock deep in her anus instead of her pussy.